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What the hell happened

I was just reading Susan Hayden’s blog and had to agree with everything she said, I mean dad’s aren’t supposed to die? They’re invincible, strong, brave and everything, right? Well apparently not, they’re human like the rest of us, now that’s a come-down if ever I saw one. Perhaps that’s why it’s so difficult to accept, like accepting the fact that a mother can die and leave behind young children. How does one grow up without a mother?

Fortunately I never had to do that one, and in actual fact I can’t complain, I had my mother and father in my life until the good old age of 49, which will go down in history as a pretty crappy year. Apart from the good things that happened, like seeing my parents as much as I could, having a great 90th birthday party for my dad, seeing my son off to the States and having great holidays, doing a lot of climbing…..Yes, I’ve read the book, I’m being grateful.

And I’m enforcing my personal motto – I refuse to say the words: “I feel guilty”, I’m not even going to go into the whys and wherefores of this statement. Don’t do it! Do you know how many women I speak to who tell me “I feel guilty’, at some point in the conversation. I stop them and make them take it back, well tactfully of course. Why do we feel guilty about things that happen to our children and our spouses and about things that don’t happen to them. Just stop, we’re all doing what we can and sometimes we hash it up and sometimes we don’t, and for the rest we do our best, and we should feel proud of it. So there.

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