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22 Jan

Recently I had to fill out some questions including the last ten books I read and the 10 greatest children’s books. The questionnaire was flexible and you didn’t absolutely have to keep to ten, thank goodness.

Briefly, I’ve been reading mostly Middle Grade and Young Adult lately but I’ve also indulged in ‘The time-traveller’s wife which really keeps you guessing and emotional. Imagine a scenario where you could impregante your wife in the future because you’re visiting her from the past, but not in the present because you’ve had a vasectomy. My mind is reeling just thinking about it.

Icefall was an interesting Middle Grade almost a detective story about the King’s children who get taken in by someone in their close circle.

Holes is fairly bleak in terms of setting, but that’s the idea. Detention consists of digging holes to find treasure for the camp manager.

I love series because it’s often difficult to find an author and a theme that appeals to me so once I do, I latch on and read everything by that person. Therefore I’ve read all of the Ranger’s Apprentice, don’t despair, the first one isn’t the best one. The next series which starts with The Outsiders, is even better.

Twilight provided large entertainment value as books and movies. Lots of criticism of the writing and so on but I thoroughly enjoyed them.

The Hunger Games were great to read because there was so much tension in this post-modernday world. Fabulous stuff.

I nearly forgot Harry Potter who took the world by storm. Great reads.

I’m a big fan of Percy Jackson too, just the idea of half-bloods running around who are mostly dyslexic spells interesting story!

And of course as a child I loved all the Secret Sevens, Noddy books, Famous Five, the Narnia series and My friend Flicka.

I’m not sure what I would have done if I had the range of choice kids have today….

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