17 Sep

We all know that Belgium is the beer capital of the world. Every second monastery seems to have its own brew, every town, in fact has some kind of speciality where beer is concerned. Well this is what it feels like sometimes when I look at the array of beer to be tasted. Some are extremely heavy, very high in alcohol and dangerous if you come from warmer climes and beer is a thirst quencher rather than a drink to be savoured like wine.

On this subject, I would like to say how much I enjoy beer ads that aren’t perfectly sexist, I mean what does ‘men know why’ even mean, so I’m not allowed to be drinking this beer becasue I’m a woman? Because I wouldn’t understand it, thanks! There’s a Spanish beer that has a great non-sexist feel-good ad and of course there’s a recent one of guys all playing basketball in wheelchairs together, I can handle that, the theme is friendship and it’s not exclusive. People who make ads haven’t seen old ladies quaffing beer here, there and everywhere in Belgium. Get them when they’re young is what I say, and they’re missing a market.

Now, imagine my surprise when I fell upon this site: A perfectly good idea to combine beer, beer tasting, beer making with tourism and food. This site has masses of information about beer and about places to visit. I love a site if it’s in English and easy to navigate and I’ve found loads of new information. Beer lovers will love it if you haven’t seen it yet, be sure to take a look.

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