13 May

snow (13 of 13)
I’m happy to say that although it’s not really boiling, it isn’t freezing either. The days are lengthening and we sleep less in contrast to when this picture was taken, just after 8 am in mid January. Some woman walking her dog thought I was nuts as I kept running back and forth to activate the streetlamp. It’s time to check the Bois de Halle for bluebells, if they haven’t been frightened away…


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2 responses to “Summer?

  1. John Poultney

    May 14, 2013 at 9:27 am

    I left ORT yesterday for Singapore and Jakarta. Vtown was getting a little fresh – not really cold so I was looking forward to the tropics. However with 27 degr at the humidity levels here I think I prefer Vtown at the moment. Are we becoming old and intolerant to extreme temperatures ?

    I found the smell oppresive – evry country has its smell but Indonesia really has a heavy smell – to do with the humidity I gess. Not really unpleasant but gets associated with muslim toilets and uncooperive customers!


    • oliviadevos

      May 14, 2013 at 9:45 am

      I think fatigue (like that experienced after a long-haul flight) heigtens some senses and dulls others? Perhaps one’s internal body heat regulation doesn’t work as well anymore, like some other stuff, sad to say!
      We went camping last weekend, minimal stuff as David took a friend with too, so really minimum stuff. I can’t say that it was cold but certainly wasn’t warm, real European weather, rain, sun, clouds, wind, all day long plus a minor hail storm just as we had nearly finished packing up.


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