I’m thinking about Freddie Mercury again: Barcelona!

15 Apr

Fun again! I remember the Sagrada Familia (1990) as a rather sandy buidling site and lo and behold, it looks to me as if the interior is done. It’s beautiful and I enjoy Gaudi’s back to nature designs. The church doesn’t have the same feel as say Notre Dame de Paris, don’t ask me why. I was excited about another trip to Parc Guell and a walk down La Rambla. The latter was just overcrowded and the vibe at the beach at Barceloneta much more fun. Much aheming and ahhing took us to the somewhat overpriced but lovely aquarium too. Per chance we had some energy late-ish one afternoon and we went to the the Place de Espana. There were loads of people milling about, yoohoo, we’d stumbled onto the sound and light show, a highlight. Back to Belgium where the temps briefly spiked to what we’d left, 20 degrees but it looks as if winter is back next week….need some more escape routes….

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