A new website and TV programme

11 Oct

I’m not sure why I enjoy this new website which has also morphed into a TV programme. Is it because expats are being given a voice, because I was feeling flattered about being asked to contribute, because sometimes it’s gratifying to find out that it’s not me, it’s them, it’s not personal, this is the way they are. One doesn’t always have a voice, approaches and mindsets are so different that it’s often easier to keep quiet but occasionally a snort or a smirk escapes when something petty comes up: like someone complaining about spending time and 5 euros or less on their daughter’s school project or small things that become big issues. It is a good thing if a political party can campaign for a new swimming pool and not have to fight for the safety of the residents, I suppose but I still often shake my head in wonder at the amount of money spent on, for example: Antwerp’s campaign to include a child’s drawing of a traffic incident with your fine, to act as a deterrent. I can think of loads of similar projects that would have fed the proverbial African village…..

But back to the website: I’m proud to be a monthly contributor and have to clarify that the name is rather catchy but misleading, it’s more of a ‘let’s laugh at ourselves’. Mostly on the video clips I’m annoyed at the impassive protagonists, the other day I was happily telling someone where to find the sport centre and where to look for their Karate class when the guy behind me piped up and asked: ‘So, are you playing at being a tour guide?’

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