The Castle of Franchimont

09 Oct

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Unless you’re Belgian, you may probably not have heard of the six hundred of Franchimont, they died attacking Liege a couple of centuries ago. Franchimont Castle is right next to Theux and about 9 km from the famous town called Spa. This castle is open on weekends until the end of October and then closes for the winter. The location brings sieges and defences to mind, as always built to protect! The ruins are lovely to clamber around with remains of the Keep, the Barbican, a 13th century road, bunkers and a moat. An audio-guide is extra and includes commentary in 4 languages, artefacts are on display as well as models of how the castle changed over the ages. In our case we were helped in near-perfect English at the ticket office! There is a restaurant just up the hill, but remember this is Belgium, we only eat at lunch times, and kitchens aren’t open all day anyway except at the sometimes dodgy ‘friteries’. Did I hear someone say McDonalds is unhealthy?
While you’re around there take a mountain bike trail or go swimming in Spa, we were lucky to fall upon a brocante/flea market complete with gramophone for sale!

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