The UNexpected!

02 Oct

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Sometimes the unforeseen or the unexpected provides for vivid memories. A long time ago we hiked the Transkei Coast, somewhere along the way we passed Hole-in-the-wall. I have memories of timing tides to cross rivers with backpacks and sore feet from hiking the beach. It was while we were shunting cars back that one went off the road, no-one hurt, so to protect the car (those days) we all went to the scene, pitched tents and slept. We woke up surrounded, some local women brought their maize and baskets and did their work. We found one guy who used to work at ISCOR who we could converse with, much of his conversation didn’t surpass the f-word which makes me wonder what was going on at his job! Some people had to get back, I had no pressing business and so we made arrangements for people to be phoned (can you imagine that there was a time before mobiles!) and we settled down to wait a couple of days for repairs. Another out-of-time experience, as I’ve heard many people relate, in the Transkei!

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