29 Sep

Almost weekly I drive past the ‘bosmuseum’ and every week I wonder what a ‘bosmuseum’ could be, and what about an arboretum, is it a nursery where you can’t buy trees? So one day when I’d run out of excuses I stopped at the ‘bosmuseum’, it has some whacky exhibits of stuffed animals. Stuffed animals are so old-fashioned but if you’re absolutely dying to know what a fox or a boar looks like, I suppose…. THe museum explains some strange monuments, like the one that looks like a mini-stonehenge but actually comemorates forest workers who died in the first world war and mentions that Julius Caesar spoke about the Zonian Forest as a deep impenetrable forest stretching from Germany to Holland- that is if I understood all the Dutch correctly, not a hint of another language available but it’s free and you get a map and an invitation to visit the arboretum or go on a walk.. Well I promptly got lost in the arboretum, I was so amazed at how different the forest looked, and info plates may not be in English or French but there’s braille, so there! The Zonian Forest not being as immense as it used to be, my tactic when I get lost is to choose a direction and keep going, it can’t take too long to reach some kind of landmark and then find my way back from there.

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