Ladies’ Day Cricket at the Royal Brussels Cricket Club

11 Jun

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I thought I had hung up my gloves last September after my one and only debut for Belgium in Thoiry, just south of Paris. Ladies’ day came around and proved irresistible, I hoped to redeem myself after being out for a duck twice(against Thoiry and Luxemburg) along with pretty dismal bowling on the day and mediocre fielding. I did have a great day in Thoiry though, apart from losing my blue-bulls button off my crocs! Who can seriously say that they have played international cricket within a stone’s throw from Paris to the loud roaring of lions (the cricket field is in a game park) with an honest-to-goodness castle looming on the hill, and gotten close to a tiger’s privates (through some thick glass) too? To top off the day we scrambled up one-ways trying to found our way back to the peripherique in Paris and arrived back in Brussels at midnight totally exhausted, a whopping 18 hours later than we set out!

Therefore I pitched up at RBCC in Lasne on Saturday as the Antwerp Indians u/11 team scurried away in the rain before having to concede defeat and play started soon after. Despite the impressive international line-up of Brits, South Africans, Pakistanis, Indians, even a Bulgarian and an Italian, ‘White Lightning’ was short of players and we lost our first game to the ‘Green Goddesses’ so our captain roped in a sub or two.

Our first sub was an old French lady who had never been near a cricket ball in her life and cost us dearly, conceding 24 runs in her bowling over (2 run-penalty per wide). I’m not sure how they scored the ball that went up in the air and nearly hit the bails behind her but she and the ump collapsed into paroxysms of laughter while we contained ourselves with some grins all round.

Our other sub could bat but had a runner and it was rather unfortunate that the old Frenchie had to face at this time, she got ball to bat and then started at a slow stiff pace in the general direction of the ball and the runner, miles away from the pitch. The ‘Awesome Blues’ entered into the spirit of the game and tried their best to NOT run her out but couldn’t keep up the fumblings, I think she managed a run or two to notch onto our score. At the end of the innings I escaped from the hilarity to the clubhouse to watch South Africa cream the poms at rugby, yoo hoo! Frans Steyn is something to look at too, someone said that Pierre Spies wasn’t the bright young star they all thought he would be, my mother knew the family and apparently they were rough as goats’ knees, but back to the cricket:

Next up, we were allowed a fielder from ‘Pink Champagne’ who knew about cricket and when she was batting only needed to hit three balls to get the required 10 runs to retire. I think we won but it wasn’t enough to get us to the final. The blues captain, who must have been severely impressed after me catching her, or maybe it was my caught and bowled, or the couple of fours, impressive bowling (at times) who knows, but she asked me to come and play super sub against the pinks in the final, this meant that I wasn’t allowed to bowl, thank goodness for that as my arm was beginning to tingle, burn and go numb all at the same time. We were chasing 63 and when I came in to bat at number six, I received instructions to be run out so that the retirees could come back and try and notch up the score, I am always a bit slow to work out tactics but then got into the spirit of things and we ran everything, pressuring the pinks to such an extent that they fumbled all over the place and I was still standing (despite my best efforts) by the time the game ended and we were only 3 runs short. Oh well, can’t win against a team being coached by a real international cricketer, Brighton from Zimbabwe, who looked pleased as anything at the prowess of his team. In the meantime Alida was doing her bit behind the bar, Dirk was helping with the bbq, David was dusting off some cricket rust in the nets and Jacques was keeping the bar account afloat! I can say nothing about the state of my muscles, it even hurts to cough!

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One response to “Ladies’ Day Cricket at the Royal Brussels Cricket Club

  1. Rina de Klerk

    June 11, 2012 at 3:06 pm

    Klink asof dit ‘n super dag was, maar dat jy vir ‘n ruk lank styf gaan wees! Ek hou baie van die “Cricker as explained to a foreigner”, dis soos ek krieket verstaan, so goed julle het my nie ingespan vir ‘n sub nie! Miskien so Alida goed gedoen het?


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