Charleroi Safari

22 Apr

Voted the ugliest town in the world, some entrepreneurs managed to make something of it, offer a safari, albeit haphazard, a very casual set-up, allowing for anything to go wrong, well the attitude almost works but only because the guide was very amiable….Thanks to the photography club who arranged the outing.
Mostly I didn’t find Charleroi too ugly, it’s industrial, I come from the Vaal triangle remember, it would remind me of ‘home’ if we didn’t traverse about 50 seasons in a single day, (it’s spring and I’m wearing gloves, got soaked from slipping in the mud) and was alternately rained and hailed upon, city centre looks clean and neat, although the people there do look different, down and out. Mostly the trash was kind of saddening….
My personal favourite, the ghost subway, listed as ‘nutteloze openbaar werken’ (there are loads of them if you do a google search, reminded me of the grand corrupt ‘toilet towns’ in South Africa in the 80’s). This railway was built for the so-called expansion of Charleroi, they expected great things and the railway was built in anticipation, although the actual subway in Charleroi is a dream, very arty. My brain boggles as mostly everything just lies there, unused, buildings and escalators and railway tracks intact, no vagrants have moved in there either…
I tried, in vain to add captions, but imagined stuff like: the patio, the car, the study (easy chair with computer parts), the bedroom…and check out the whacky water feature in someone’s garden, complete with bath, fountain, washing..oh and something not on the photo of course: the sound of dogs barking!
The abandoned mine let our imginations run riot..lots of exploring, this site was also used as a zoo!! Now that does not bear thinking about

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