The Carnival is over…

17 Apr

Some people must be sighing with relief, others look forward to this yearly event with much anticipation, indeed the calender year in Europe is demarcated by festivals, Sint Niklaas on 6 December is a big event in Belgium, Santa cowers before this Spanish might together with black (I didn’t say it) helper and horse, people ask me if they exist in South Africa, are you crazy man! ‘Swarte Piet’ is not only the helper but the ‘court jester’, black because he came from Spain or because he’s full of soot, who knows, tradition has severely mangled this tale. After Christmas (which is a minor) there’s the festival of the Three Kings and some special tart to savour, there is a lucky coin too or bean (Tom Robbin’s Jitterbug Perfume?). Next of course is Carnival, if it’s determined by when the moon was last full, it must surely be pagan! A propos, Pole Space does exciting stuff like decide exactly what the time is and when carnival is exactly! Carnival celebrations are spread out over a month a two to allow each town to revel in festivities and for people to experience more than one adult ‘rag farm’! Brace yourself from February to April, giants, oranges, gilles and more… Mostly it’s an excuse to fulfil your wildest fantasy and kick back… These photos were taken in Halle, I’m not sure what the theme is but I kept expecting to see a rather confused Alice or a rabbit popping out from somewhere…

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