Holiday Parks

06 Jun

Holiday Parks are fun, fantastic exercise, the one we just visited has a large swimming centre and a ski centre, you leave your cars outside so you walk or cycle wherever you want to be. The cottages are well situated, you could almost imagine that you are out in the middle of nowhere, little ducks swim about, the kids climb trees, we swim, cycle and ski. There is a beautiful petting zoo complete with a model of a cow with artificial udders (hey I even bought udder cream in the shop – for my hands). Play areas for big children and little ones, and a myriad more activities you can pay for: scuba diving, water skiing, high adventure, tennis, ping pong, archery…. There are restaurants, shops, anything and everything you can think of except humdrum everyday things like dentists, hairdressers and doctors. Even a clothed sauna, I’m not sure what this means, how do you pitch up for the other saunas?
All beautiful but I still get this Wall-e feeling from time to time, it must be the idea of mass entertainment but I have no idea why it’s thoroughly enjoyable and creepy at the same time?

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