22 Jun

Well, you should see what Alida is wearing to school today, I say nothing and don’t get involved or help her dress, she should just be warm enough, well we are having another bout of summer, so that should be no problem!  She has a blue (Mega Mindy superhero) sweatband, a poncho with pink and white dots, knicker bockers ( what a name) that are sort of between pink and red then pink tights with polka dots in all colours with sandals, the long sleeve shirt, which is fortunately invisible is a bit small and covered in paint stains, tomorrow the cleaning lady at school is probably going to come up with some clothes for us while politely trying to find out if I would be offended

Talking of school, another parents’ meeting last night, I think politicians should sit in at these meetings because they provide insight into what is happening politically in a country, the same matters always came up, I couldn’t help but laugh when the subject of French lessons came up once again, the government (in error, I think) scrapped the extra French lessons in Dutch schools in the Facility communes (told you, same thing all over again) and there has been a hue and cry and ignored petitions since the beginning of the academic year, June 2009. Dirk is happy because reading and writing Dutch is hard enough already, French is a nightmare but then again I wonder why the kids in South Africa are almost bilingual or more before they even go to school, it’s a serious something problem! The other little question that always pops up, is the lack of parental involvement, of course I have an answer to this as well, where do you meet the parents, on the sports field and as there is no school sport, and everyone is running around working, how would you know anyone bar one or two people who pick up their kids straight after school.  Oh and the other big complaint was that there were too many holidays in the last two months, the headmaster was really mad about this one, because he doesn’t decide on al of them and it was sort of by accident as the school was closed one Monday because the premises was used for voting, I kept my mouth firmly shut in this case, I would be lynched for admitting that I found two long weekends in relatively good weather a fantastic idea, and that we enjoyed the other two days off just to recuperate from less sleep because of the long days, very difficult to get the kids to bed if the sun is streaming in the window at 9 at night……

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  1. Karen

    February 22, 2011 at 11:51 am

    Like that one ! Well done Olivia 😉


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