17 Jun

This is another acronym that one surely has to get to grips with:  ‘American Women’s Club Brussels’.  If you’re a woman that is, if you’re a guy following your wife around , apparently you can check out STUDS: spouses trailing under duress successfully or something akin and apparently they don’t do really gung-ho stuff but you can find out where to get special beer and great pizzas and that seems to be about it.  Well, that stuff is not really relevant because you can get great food at the clubhouse of the AWCB, for some people on assignment it’s a haven, some people aren’t inclined to learn Dutch or French if they know that they are moving on in a year or two, and the other day when we were out cycling I could appreciate how difficult it can be, the person I was with couldn’t understand the map so you just go forth I suppose… At the moment I probably speak more English than anything else, and there are a lot of things to get involved with and volunteer for at the club and some of them you could even stick on your CV for your next move.  Mostly people move around all the time, kids got to International Schools, so from one to the next, and people have their home wherever, in England or America, and that is an anchor!

Out here at the moment it’s not summer as I know it but it’s light until 10pm, and I hear birds in the morning!!

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