15 Jun

So the elections came and went, everything twice as complicated here, because not only do you have all the political parties but they’re also multiplied by two because the Walloons and the Flemish each have their own Socialist Party, Green Party etc etc.  Once I tried to find the bus timetable off the internet, I couldn’t do it because I was traveling from a French area to a Flemish area, the site didn’t recognise the starting point and the destination, kind of difficult, also divided into two different websites, the Flemish part of the service and the French part of the service, so the trick is to know exactly when your service crosses the imaginary line.  Well the upshot of the elections is that some big guy from Flanders was elected who is pretty radical (depending on who you are), he is keen, for example for people to prove language proficiency if they want to buy a house in a Flemish area, that is sure to get up someone’s nostrils, in some areas, mayors have already enforced this rule.  And in Wallonia, the socialists won, I think these two parties are now supposed to work together to form a government!

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  1. joh

    June 16, 2010 at 4:20 am

    Olyf, fanks. Ek het net begin opgee op jou blogspot. Ek kan nou sien hoekom sekere mense dae sit en grootboet op tv kyk. Jou doen en late is baie interessante leesstof. Groete aan die ou top. Go Bulls/Bokke!!!!


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