20 Mar

One of the first things that struck me on arriving here, was the abundance of rules, some of them seemed petty at the time and some still do, above all the rules about footwear (there she goes again) just boggled the brain.  Of course, one lives here for a while and you realise why they want non-marking clean shoes indoors especially in sport halls.  We have never had so many pairs of shoes in our lives, my children went from one pair of shoes in winter to a gazillion, every kind of sport seems to require specialised footwear, some places even recommend swimming shoes!! 

Last week I went for a walk and in the space of ten minutes I saw as many signs prohibiting something or other: Keep off the grass, no sport shoes inside canteen, no smoking, no parking, no dog shit!! Now while I am on my favourite bugbear here is another, some rules are ignored completely, the trick is finding out which ones you can safely ignore.  For example the pub up the road dutifully enforced the smoking ban (1 Jan 2010) for a couple of months….no weeks, the end- result is that my clothes once again, really stink after a visit with my smoking Norwiegian friend who dutifully goes out for a smoke: ‘I don’t want them to get arrested because I was smoking in their establishment’. 

Of course, the other huge complaint is dogshit!  By law, one needs to carry a plastic bag visibly on the leash, by rights one should carry two because what if you use one, then you still need to have one to show??  This requires a bunch of deep thought but perhaps not because this is one of the rules that gets ignored. 

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