Wet rags and what not

07 Mar

Imagine likening somebody to a rag, and a bank clerk and then apologising to bank clerks, Nigel Farage really set the cat among the pigeons, but anyway, what does von Rompuy do anyway, and the European Union Commission/Parliament, all sounds immensely complicated and bureaucratic.  Did you know that there is a committee in the European Parliament regulating Circus Schools, I mean Circus Schools, sure they should be regulated, I would find it useful if my child were attending one, but it makes one wonder where it all ends.

Recently there has been a huge hoo-ha because one of the major supermarket chains in Belgium wants to close about 17 of its stores.  This, unfortunately happens to be my favourite store I suppose because it could be likened to a pick ‘n pay, you can buy food, toys, electronics under one roof, my kind of place and the other two or three remaining chains are ok but basically sell food, one, the Colruyt looks like a warehouse, cheap but not pleasant, the fridge section is a huge room so absolutely freezing to spend any more that two minutes in unless you are wearing your winter coat, plus they never stocked fresh milk.  The other, Delhaize, is upmarket more like woolworths foods and stocks food and cleaning materials and kangaroo meat, ostrich steaks…. so carrefour was pretty much convenient middle-of-the-road.  Since the announced closure these stores have been on strike, costing the company more millions.  It wouldn’t surprise me if most of the stores had to close, customer service is really terrible, I actually met people last night who still do what I did when I got here, they refuse to go back to a store where they have been poorly treated, I gave up on that one early on, I would try two or three places and they would all be terrible, occasionally, I stumbled on someone friendly or helpful but to refuse to go back, there wouldn’t be much left.  Two more interesting facts things emerged from this whole debacle, one was that some economist guy said that people should stop whinging about losing their jobs, because Colruyt had 3000 jobs on offer and anyway they should have seen it coming and started managing their lives instead of expecting the company to do it for them.  The other mind-boggling thing was that I was watching the news coverage on Flemish news and they only showed which stores in Flanders would be closing, poor me, I shop in Wallonia because it’s closer, so I was left in the dark…

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One response to “Wet rags and what not

  1. slowvelder

    March 8, 2010 at 9:29 am

    Good post – cant believe the circus school committee thing!


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