01 Mar

Eventually, lace-making, of course the people in Binche (pronounced Bans) profess to make the best lace, it takes two years to learn how to make lace, but the special lace-making from Binche takes another three years to learn.  The town became famous since Unesco pronounced carnival a ‘world heritage event’.  I f you are a man and have lived in Binche for five years and have enough money for the costume, you may become a Gille, this entails getting up at 4 am the morning of carnival, dressing up in a costume made of sacking, stuffing yourself full of straw, wearing wooden clogs, wearing a headpiece of ostrich feather and a belt with bells and always making a noise, the whole day long, oh and for breakfast: mussels and champagne!  Oh and don’t forget the mask, it makes you looks educated and you throw oranges into the crowd from your little wire basket.  Apparently some of these poor guys die of heart attacks, all that extra weight they’re lugging around, three kilos of ostrich feathers (good for the economy in Oudtshoorn), three kilos of bells, how much itchy straw under the costume plus the fact that they keep moving all day long…

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