Skiing holiday

23 Feb

By rights, this should not be called a holiday, more an adventure, typically European, everyone is making their way to the ski slopes on a Saturday, and then churned out again the next Saturday, this does mean that the kids can all start ski lessons together and everyone is geared for check in, rental of ski equipment and all the rest.  So once you have find your children’s ski monitors among the swarming mass, they are good to go and so are you!  This time we could choose English lessons (as opposed to French) and promptly did so.  My feeling was that even if the instructor ended up speaking French, at least he would know that my child probably did not understand what to do if instructions weren’t followed.  Alida ended up in a French group because in the English group the children were somewhat older and therefore moved faster, I think David and Dirk’s groups were mostly English.  This can certainly have its drawbacks as Paul’s instructor was teaching them to do ‘side-sleeping’.  Be that as it may, side-slipping or parallel skiing or whatever, the techniques are taught and if you achieve the competency level, a medal follows at the end of the week and the possibility of moving on to the next level next time!  Alida started off with the Penguins when she was four where they learn elementary things like getting their skis on and off, taking a drag lift or a rolling carpet, no mean feat as I battled somewhat with the ‘hoisting mechanisms’ on my first trip.  The little bears learn to stop using a ‘pizza’, skis together in front, then the snowflakes learn to make turns using a pizza (Alida managed this level this year).  Next are the first stars (dirk), they start learning how to turn while parallel skiing.  Then the famous side slipping and other things are learned in second star, David received his third star, this is professional according to me, parallel turning, small jumps, parallel stopping, what remains is bronze star and gold and then Alpine, great fun.

Getting back home was a logistical exercise, the doctor assured Jacques he could drive (he tore a ligament in his knee see pics but we were having none of it and Ben had made arrangements to leave earlier to go to a funeral, so that left me driving with four kids and Jacques and David taking the bus (really cheap) from Alpe d’Huez to Grenoble, the train to Lyon and then flying from there, hey South Africans really need to do a mindset warp to get used to using public transport, not always cheap but often convenient…


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3 responses to “Skiing holiday

  1. Jackie

    February 24, 2010 at 7:49 pm

    Lovely pictures Olivia. looks like the kids had fun. What happened to Jacques?

    • Olivia

      February 25, 2010 at 8:13 am

      He tore a ligament, no pain! He is seeing a specialist on Saturday, might have to have an op or just live with it, he can’t put pressure on his knee, otherwise the knee slips out of the socket, so either has to flex the muscles and walk carefully or wear a brace…

  2. joh

    February 25, 2010 at 5:09 pm

    Ek het begin wonder wat het van die de Vosse geword! En Jacques het nie eers in die S14 games gespeel nie, dis nou ouderdom!! Go Bulls!


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