More snow

11 Feb

Well I had to leave the guy to do his thing and work it out and he actually managed to fix the garage door, amid much swearing and ‘godverdomme’ I was actually glad to have to leave – I signed up for a photography course for the day, and can say that it was interesting but not that I learnt a lot that was new, it was in English for a change, and most of the participants on a pretty basic level, like what’s aperture etc, I feared this might be the case, anyway it was interesting looking at Trevor Waldron’s photographs and listening to his comments and getting a few pointers about composition, and of course he helped me with my zoom lens which I assumed was stuck but momentarily needs a bit of coaxing due to a bit of sand from Cape Vidal that got stuck in there somewhere…

Yesterday they were broadcasting (with a certain amount of glee) that there were 800km of traffic jams due to the ‘unexpected’ snow, cars and trucks were slipping and sliding and the salt tractors  couldn’t get through because there were millions of accidents….unprepared.. and don’t ask me how they work this one out but apparently it cost the country more than 20 million euro, anyway I hope to be able to get out of here to go on a week’s skiing holiday, part of me really does not need more cold weather, the other part of me insists that the sun will be shining so all will be well!

I have joined the AWCB and someone has decided to volunteer translations, I found myself in the middle of all of that, did a piece for the aquarium into English and for the Museum of Fantastic Art, now I know it exists, once they have decided to put the translation onto the website, I will post the website address here, at the moment I am working in the library at the club, internet access, tons of English books to choose from, they offer courses, do book clubs, yoga and if you want something they don’t have, you get it going, soon, hopefully when the weather improves, we will start cycling.. Most Americans are here for two or three years, then move on to the next location wherever that may be: Angola, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, they live the expat life, can’t speak the local language, send their kids to international schools and probably hardly notice that they have left home, that’s exagerating but some of them are used to the weather but mostly complain about poor customer service, availability of products, heard me speak of this before?  Mainly the Brits like it here, because they can afford a far better lifestyle, England really is just up the drag, you can go for a day’s shopping if you like and of course no weather issues to contend with, it’s an irrelevant competition, whose weather is worse, yours, no yours, no yours…


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2 responses to “More snow

  1. slowvelder

    February 15, 2010 at 5:07 pm

    Ah, those were the days. Can you believe I am missing Belgium somewhat. I have lovely memories of hats and coats and Christmas markets and gluhwein. Am I mad?

  2. Olivia

    February 22, 2010 at 7:43 am

    You know you’re asking the wrong person here?? Don’t you?


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