09 Feb

Isn’t it just the same all over, you absolutely need someone to come and fix something at your house (in this case, the garage door).  So you tell them they can come at this time or another time and in this case I had a full day yesterday, so it couldn’t happen but, you say (in your never-ending naivete), I need to leave tomorrow at 9h30, so if you come at 8h30, it should work, so what happens, he doesn’t come at 8h30 but as close as possible to 9h30 to just set you on edge, but, you’ve built a safety margin in there, alas too small, you can stretch it to 9h50, but will that do the trick?

That is, of course, the first dilemna, the second is: is the guy up to it?  The clock is ticking…..

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One response to “Workmen

  1. slowvelder

    February 9, 2010 at 6:50 pm

    Argh! so frustrating


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