04 Feb

It’s all about work again!!  There seem to be quite a few jobs out there that are close enough to home (I don’t think I’ll do the Brussels thing again, commuting time is too long).  The problem with being in the language field is that my Dutch needs to be faultless for most of these opportunities, my French is pretty good but a bit rusty, so it’s back to the old drawing board, and a recce into Brussel to find out what I would have to do to ‘upgrade’ my qualifications, then at least I would be able to work in government-funded institutions.  In the mean time, someone at the American Club had a brainwave and suggested to museums that ‘we’ would help out translating bits and pieces into English, so I have done the contents of a website, I hope they stick it up there pretty soon and yes it was pretty bizarre, not sure how scary the place is, there is no taboo about Witches etc around here, nursery schools do Halloween and Witches etc as themes, the museum is sure to be weird enough to make it interesting. We also worked on the website content for the aquarium and there is a page to do, lying in wait..  Of course it’s all voluntary and will be noted as what the American Club did to help improve relations with Belgium!!  Would I ever have thought of actually making a note of volunteer work, working out what it meant in real money and submitting this as ‘worth’? Why not, great idea.  

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